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The peelable mask is applied to the printed circuit board through a stencil. Therefore the contour of the peelable mask is rough and it is not possible to produce fine details with peelable mask..

 The thickness of the peelable mask must be min. 250 micron. Otherwise the mask will brake when you shall peel it of. It is not possible to plug hole larger then 3.0mm with peelable mask. Hole larger then 3.0mm must be covered with tape. If you want to mask a solder pad that have a hole larger then 3.0mm the opening in the stencil has to be made 0.60mm smaller then the hole. 

The peelable mask has to cover min. 0.6mm outside the solder pad. The distance between peelable mask and solder pad shall be min. 0.6mm.

The min. width of peelable solder mask is 2.0mm.

Peelable mask can be over dried. Contact Civa to get advice how to avoid over drying.